Fitlab is one of the most diverse areas you will get the chance to train in. Offering facilities to undertake activities such as Bokw, to training for your freestyle martial arts black belt. For this range of activities we need to have enough space and equipment to do just that.

Fitlab has two areas that can be combined into one, depending on the class.

The studio area is where the martial arts classes take place. Padded floors are essential and mirrors on the wall aid self improvement. This area is fully equipped for many types of martial arts.

  • 20mm thick mats
  • Punch bags
  • Soft mats
  • Mirrors
  • Protective Equipment

Crossfit, Circuits, Bokwa, Zumba and many more classes take place in this area with equipment in place to tailor the workout to you.

  • Variety of exercise machines (treadmill, bikes, smith machine etc.)
  • Synthetic grass flooring.
  • TRX machines
  • Punch bags
  • Kettle bells
  • Medicine balls


Having 3000+ sqm to play with means we can tailor classes depending on popularity and also utilise the space to make sure you get the most out of it. Also in Fitlab we have both male and female changing areas, WC facilities and a reception/waiting area. Reflex Nutrition products and Ion Clothing are also available to buy.

Due to the nature of exercise and pushing your body to its limits, your body gets tired and you can develop injuries or aches and pains. We have a treatment room on site with professional sports physios to get you back on track.

Fitlab is set up in a way that leaves everything open. We want it to be a fitness playground, enabling you to see and try different things that you normally wouldn’t. This open nature is echoed in the design. No matter what activity you’re doing, whether its a Crossfit session or waiting for your child in the Teeny Boppers dance class, you can always watch other classes as there are no ceiling high dividers or curtains blocking the view.

If you’re still not sure Fitlab is for you, come down and have a look for yourself. Check our timetable to see what classes you may be interested in.

Click and drag the image to see a 360° view of our gym!